Tips For Safely Storing Your Store's Bread


Selling organic bread can be an excellent way of attracting an upscale clientele to a grocery store or convenience mart. However, there are many managers and owners that will simply be unaware of what they should be done to properly store bread. This can lead to the bread spoiling prematurely, and this may cause your customers to receive an inferior product or the need to prematurely dispose of the bread.

Avoid Refrigeration

When individuals want to extend the storage life of a particular food, refrigeration is often the best option for this task. However, this is not the case for bread. When you refrigerate bread, you can cause it to go stale much more quickly. This is a result of the cold air in the refrigerator drying out the bread. Rather, you should always store your bread at room temperature.

Keep The Bread Out Of The Sunlight

In addition to being mindful of the temperature of the bread, you should also avoid exposing it to sunlight for long periods of time. When you make this mistake, you can cause the bread to harden very quickly. In fact, it may be possible for the bread to start to experience this issue within a few hours of being left in the sunlight. While keeping the bread out of the sunlight may require you to reposition many items in your store, this can be essential for preserving the quality of the brad along with its longevity.

Be Mindful Of The Location Of Any Fans Or Vents

Another Issue that can cause bread to start to go stale prematurely is being kept under interior vents or fans. This can pose a threat to the bread by contributing to it drying out. If it is not possible or practical for you to move the bread away from the vents or fans, you may want to install a canopy over the bead as this will help to lessen the negative effects on it.

Take Inventory Of The Bread Every Day

At the end of each day, you should have one of your employees take inventory of the bread. In addition to counting the amount of bread, they should also ensure that it is in good condition. When these workers find bread that feels too firm, they should remove it whether or not it is at the expiration date. This may seem wasteful, but it can ensure that your customers enjoy high-quality bread when they shop at your store.


11 February 2018

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